Old School Ilica

Patisserie and
Confectionery Course

This course is for those who are interested in learning established techniques to create classic desserts. In the practical sessions participants will learn to prepare a wide selection of complex patisserie and confectionery products. 

During this class participants will learn how to make a range of classic cakes and biscuits, meringue products, puff pastry sponge cakes, donuts, ice cream and winter ice cream. 

They will be taught the required knowledge to master the culinary art of pâtisserie, by applying chocolate piping techniques and cake decoration craft. Pâtisserie master chefs Enver & Ali will demonstrate the key techniques in creation and decoration and you will be tasked with replicating them under their guidance.

The patisserie has been established in 1954 and it has been in a family ownership since 1989. Mr. Enver has inherited the knowledge and skill from his father and grandfather.

  • Course Duration: 10 days
  • Class times: 10am - 6pm
  • Address: Ilica 92

Printing and Bookbinding

In this technique-intense workshop, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of classical offset printing and bookbinding production.

The business owner, Mr. Dubravko Lacković, who has established this workshop in 1964, will teach you how to set up and operate offset printing presses and process print jobs. You will be taught about processes for color printing and faithful color reproduction.

You will learn about the types of paper, inks and plates that can be used. 

This course will also cover a variety of techniques such as blind embossing print, goldprinting and hot stamping and Mr. Lacković will demonstrate his specialties – printing on adhesive chrome and white plastic.

  • Course Duration: 7 days
  • Class times: 10am - 6pm
  • Address: Ilica 65


Modern Retro & Vintage
Styling for Men Course

Mr. Prgomet now delivers quality training at his salon for professionals and enthusiasts. He will teach you how to perform classic gentlemens haircuts, shaves and trims and how not to cut ‘against the natural hair current’. 

This course focuses on using different techniques to create classic looks of the golden vintage age, hitting on the latest fashion trends in hair styling. The course will equip you with wet shaving and beard shaping skills. 

You will get trained to shape the haircut specifically for your client’s face and head shape and you will be taught the art of parting the hair and creating ‘finger waves’.
Also, you will be given tips on using hair products that keep the hair in control.

The Gentlemen’s barbershop and hairdressing salon in Ilica 146 has been established in 1934. Ivica Prgomet has been the owner of the hair salon since 1970. Mr. Prgomet has 50 years of work experience and many Yugoslavian haidressers’ awards on the wall. 

  • Course Duration: 10 days
  • Class times: 10am - 6pm
  • Address: Ilica 146

Duvet and Pillow Making Course

This very practical course is a valuable introduction to the craft of duvet and pillow making. This course focuses on making long lasting white goose feather & down duvets and pillows that offer superior lightness, softness and warmth. 

Mrs Antolić-Soban will teach you how to make them to the highest standards. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the top quality feathers and finest cotton fabrics.

You will receive a detailed tutorial on machine sewing and hand stitching, and evenly spreading the filling inside the case. The course will equip you to become a skilled duvet maker in two weeks.

Mrs Antolić-Soban has inherited the shop and the expertise from her mother who had moved in the space in 1978.

  • Course Duration: 10 days
  • Class times: 10am - 6pm
  • Address: Ilica 96

Shoemaking Course

This practical course demonstrates the heritage techniques of handmade shoe deisgn process and construction. The course will equip you with understanding of the whole shoemaking process, from lasting to making and finishing. After a theory lesson on different upper materials and edge treatments you will engage in the design and technical development of footwear.

Mr. Josić will teach you how to cut out parts following patterns, using knives, shears, scissors and machine presses.

You will get trained to close a shoe, prepare the shoe upper, including cutting pattern pieces and stitching upper pieces together. You will learn about edge treatments, seam allowances, uses of leather for upper and lining, insoles, seat pads, shankboards, shanks, socks, toe puffs, stiffeners, laces, etc. 

  • Course Duration: 10 days
  • Class times: 10am - 6pm
  • Address: Ilica 69

You will receive an ‘Old School Ilica’ certificate on successful completion of the course.
Old School of Ilica is a platform which enables exchange of knowledge between artisans and residents, indirectly reviving the neighbouring services.

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