Old School Ilica

Brusionica Strašek
Ilica 53

Sharpening and Key Duplicating Trade

Zvonimir Strašek – owner
+385 (0)1 4846458
zvonimir.strasek@zg.t-com.hr, www.brusionicastrasek.hr

Working hours: 09:00 – 13:00, 17:00 − 19.30

"Our motto is tradition and top quality."

Oaza: How and when was your business founded?
Zvonimir Strašek: The workshop was founded by my grandfather but my father, grandfather and great-grandfather were all in the same craft. There are records that the Strašek family was in this craft even in 1836 and was paying taxes for it to the City of Zagreb at a Nova Ves address. At the workshop that was founded by my grandfather and taken over by my father in 1986 I have been working since 2007 and running it myself since 2013.

O: How come you decided to continue the family tradition?
ZS: I graduated from a gymnasium, two apprenticeships and a part of a foreign trade faculty. But I knew I would be here, just like my son. He has been here since an early age and is an engineer by profession. The two of us work and our boss is my wife, his mother. Everything is kept in the family, we have no outside contractors. Everything happens here.

O: What is the scope of your work?
ZS: We do everything that deals with grinding: scissors, knives, nail scissors, hair clippers, meat grinders (a favorite of Slavonians), pedicure and cosmetic supplies, medical and dental utensils… Everything that needs to be keen. We grind everything just like 70 years ago. Of course, keys too, even the coded car keys.

O: Have you previously engaged in production or have you always been only in the service industry?
ZS: No, only the services. Although, when production used to be linked to services, we made, for example, some medical utensils. But that was a long time ago, 30 years ago.

O: What is the state of the market today? Are your services still in demand?
ZS: The market has shrunk. I used to work for the entire Yugoslavia. Today I get mostly regular customers, people who have been coming since forever. Younger people who have some connection to a trade or need keys made also come.

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