Old School Ilica

"Before the privatization this whole complex was Orbis’. That is why such a large plant is in one place."

O: What do you do?
Dražen Rakitničan:
We do classic printing. Along with offset printing we offer the services of digital printing as well as letterpress printing on the older machines. In cooperation with our neighbor company Etiket-tisak we also provide a variety of bookbinding services as well as label making. Before the privatization this whole complex was Orbis'. That is why such a large plant is in one place.
We make all materials related to advertising and promotion (note pads, brochures, catalogs, business cards, programs, publications, etc.), whereas they print other materials from roles. In this way we manage to complement each other and share about 10% of joint business.

Oaza: Tell us something about the history of your business.
Dražen: The Orbis print shop has been around since 1955 and in this formation, under my management, it operates with four full-time employees and several associates, often students.

Oaza: What type of paper do you use most often?
Dražen: We mostly use art print paper and plain offset paper. They are easily available and are always in supply which makes the process easy.

Oaza: How is your business, do you feel a difference compared to before?
Dražen: I admit, business is much slower today than before. Times have changed. In a not so recent past we had big clients like the factories Kraš and Sljeme but today we make do with smaller clients. We make promotional materials for the Institute of Immunology, the Red Cross, Croatian Institute for Advisory Service and TEB - Business Consulting.


Tiskara Orbis Impressio d.o.o.

Ilica 65

Print, Bookbinding, Prepress

Dražen Rakitničan – owner
+385 (0)1 4846 065, +385 (0)98 355 959

Working hours: 7:00-15:00 (Mon-Fri)

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