Old School Ilica


Ilica 65

Printing – Type Setting, Offset, Hot Stamping, Flexo Printing, Stamp and Perforation Making

Dubravko Lacković – director, office manager
+385 (0)1 4846068
etiket-tisak@zg.t-com.hr, http://www.etiket-tisak.hr/

Working hours: 08:00 – 15:00

"98% of the work is done here

Oaza: What does Etiket-tisak do and how long have you been located in Ilica?
Dubravko Lacković: Our core business is making self-adhesive labels, however we do other things, like business cards, note pads and promotional materials. The printing shop has been operating since 1964 at this location and with me as the manager for the last nine years. I have been in the printing business altogether 38 years – from working a machine, running my own business to now working here.

Oaza: What are all the printing techniques you offer?
DL: The printing technique we use is raised printing, i.e. letterpress printing, classic offset printing, but we also offer blind stamping, foil stamping, as well as perforation and numeration. We also specialize in printing on all types of self-adhesive materials (chrome, standard vellum, PVC, gold, silver and fluorescent). A few businesses in Zagreb supply us with materials. That is enough in our line of work, no need to import goods from Europe.

Oaza: What part of the process is done by your trainees and what requires you to hire outside help?
DL: They set up the machines according to the clients' needs, light the panels and start the manufacturing after testing the fidelity of the proof print. 98% of the work is done here (in-house) and for the jobs outside of the scope of our business we take on subcontractors.
Of course we often collaborate with the Orbis print shop. We are in each other's courtyard! We make self-adhesive labels and the like for them and we later compensate each other.

Oaza: What is your subspecialty?
DL: At the moment we are mostly working with clichés. These materials have become very advanced today. They are hard enough to produce a print but still soft enough to adequately absorb the ink. Additionally, they are eco-friendly because they are developed with water.

Oaza: Who are your regular clients and what types of materials do you supply them with?
DL: It is a lot of companies: Pliva, Atlantic Grupa, Henkel, Alca. We supply them with materials like self-adhesive declarations, price tags, etc. All of it is applied mainly on products or their packaging.

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