Old School Ilica

Zlatar-Filigran Gjon Gjoni

Ilica 78

Goldsmith’s Shop

Gjon Gjoni – owner
+385 (0)1 4847084
zlatarna.gjoni@gmail.com, www.zlatarna-gjoni.hr

Working hours: 08:00 – 20:00

"If a man loves his work, he will learn it easily. The best goldsmith I had was a carpenter by trade."

Oaza: How did you get started in the goldsmithing and filigree trade and what is your current work environment?
Gjon Gjoni: I learned my trade in Zagreb and Rijeka. Today I am 64 and I inherited this space from my father. I have been here for 44 years. I have three employees, all old masters. The youngest has been working for me for 25 years. I am the second-generation owner of this space. The antique shop is owned by my brother. It has been our livelihood our entire lives, it had put our children through school.

Oaza: Do you have any apprentices or trainees?
GG: I used to have apprentices. I do not now. But that does not mean anything, formal training is not necessary. If a man loves his work, he will learn it easily. The best goldsmith I had was a carpenter by trade. He learned the trade from his cousin – he went to his workshop, watched and learned.

Oaza: What is your best seller? Who are your customers?
GG: There are no rules. People come and order, often by recommendation.

Oaza: Your work involves very meticulously detailed work. What is the most complicated?
GG: With me nothing is complicated.

Oaza: What about filigree? How long does it take to complete one piece?
GG: Filigree is not done one by one but rather in groups, from segments. I have certain elements that I put together so when I need them for something else I just put them in. First a piece is shaped from a stronger wire, next a thin wire is woven and then the elements are put together. The model is filled with these elements, covered in powder and heated.

Oaza: What other materials do you work with?
GG: We work with coral, turquoise, opal, pearls… everything is unique. There are no two pieces alike.

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