Old School Ilica

Zlatarnica Bashota

Ilica 69

Goldsmith's Shop

Džan Bashota – owner
+385 (0)1 4846941

info@zlatarnica-bashota.hr, www.zlatarnica-bashota.hr

Working hours: 08:00 – 13:00, 16:00 − 20.00 (Mon-Fri),
08:00 – 15:00 (Sat)

"We have some regular, loyal customers and the newest ones are usually foreign tourists."

Oaza: How did you start doing this trade?
Džan Bashota: In 1924 my grandfather founded jewelry stores in Baška on Krk and on Rab. In 1951 my family's first shop was opened at 37 Ilica Street that is run by my brother Đuro. I first took over the shop in Crikvenica in 1974 and then in 1978 I took over the shop at this location. My brother and I collaborate on a project of making jewelry inspired by gingerbread and details from the Šestine folk costumes.

Oaza: Tell us more about the aforementioned collection you are known for.
DŽB: The design of those items is registered at the State Intellectual Property Office and is subject to copyright protection. Modern gingerbread is marked by the preserved art design, continuity of the baroque style, traditional color palette (red as the base color, then white, yellow, green and blue), and especially the "recognizability of the handwriting", i.e. the craftsman's authorship.

Oaza: Who are your customers?
DŽB: We have some regular, loyal customers. Some domestic, some foreign. Mostly they are Croatians that live abroad and the newest customers are usually foreign tourists.

Oaza: What is in your product line?
DŽB: Since the long bygone 1924 our family has cherished the tradition of handmade unique jewelry. We have received a certificate of status of a traditional and artistic craft, issued by the Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts. You can see our jewelry in Zagreb, the whole of Croatia, but also across the world, as a discrete reminder of our country and cultural heritage.

During the long years of continued work, cultivating the family tradition of jewelry making, we have offered both modern and originally designed jewelry of first class traditional craftsmanship. We offer jewelry for everyday use. The product line has changed through the years but despite that we still have a series of Art Deco jewelry that we started making in 1974 following the drawings of old jewelers from this region.

Our diligence, knowledge, skill and originality in jewelry making, as well as our product line, helps us to cater to the desires of even the most demanding customers.

Oaza: Have you received rewards for your work?
DŽB: Yes, in 2014 we won first prize at the 13th Triennial of the Zagorje Souvenir that is organized by the Zagorje museums. Besides the jury prize, we also won the people's choice award.

Oaza: Do you have a successor?
DŽB: Yes, my daughter Helena will take over the business.

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