Old School Ilica

Old School Ilica is a collaborative, local craft production initiative, realized to recover the disappearing traditional crafts and local economies in its immediate environment by establishing an educational co-creation model based on knowledge and skills exchange. Participants are invited to learn-and-contribute in workshops while cocreating with local craftsmen using solely local services and their production lines. By active participation, local residents or local designers become nanotourists in their own street or city, creating in novel products, services and local economy while transforming the Ilica street identity. 

Old School Ilica is initiated by a group of designers, members of an artistic organization Oaza, themselves residents of Ilica site. Old School Ilica was formulated as a reaction to their immediate environment and current disappearing cultural identity of the longest street in Zagreb. Many old craftsmen workshops and store have been suppressed under the influence of global market, whereas other spaces are left empty because they have unclear ownership relations. Project consists of several phases. Research phase includes mapping of remaining craft and production workshops and stores, conducting talks and interviewing of the future school protagonists willing to share their professional experiences and knowledge to unveil the potentials of the site. This phase results in an online Registry of Knowledge Holders, which captures and profiles detailed description of their qualifications, set of skills and types of represented products. On the basis of this registry a collaborative educational program Old School Ilica is derived, in the form of a series of interactive workshops for interested public with the assistance of designers. The role of this sitespecific educational model is to promote specific knowledge and skills of the Illica Street craftsmen, in order to provoke stagnant city decisions with a bottom up approach to reviving city sites. In the third phase, material and immaterial results of the project will be collected and exposed under Made in Ilica headline. Longterm objective is establishing a brand and a fully functional local business model that promotes local values, knowledge and resources of the street residents. This model of nanotorism as education and co-creation could be developed in other city quarters in Croatia or abroad, consequently restoring and repositioning fragments of neighbourhoods identities.

– a knowledge and skills exchange platform in Ilica 50–150, Zagreb aims to recover the disappearing traditional crafts and local economy

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